Dr. Carol A. Thomson (Podiatrist)

Our Chief Podiatrist Carol A. Thomson is a graduate of La Trobe University and a registered podiatrist. Carol has been in private practice in Foot Street for over fifteen years. Carol is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Carols special interest is in Prolotherapy for the treatment of chronic lower limb pain. Carol Thomson has trained in prolotherapy at the Hackett Hemwall Foundation,  University of Wisconsin, Madison. Carol is the only Hackett Hemwall trained podiatrist in Australia. 

Prolotherapy as shown and explained on the doctors TV show.

Dr. Isha Kalia (Podiatrist)

Isha Kalia is a graduate of LaTrobe university. She holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Masters of Podiatric Practice.

Isha has a keen interest in biomechanics and sports injuries. As well as being a keen runner Isha comes from a dancing background, is professionally trained and has been dancing for many years. She has danced in various places such as the MCG and Etihad Stadium for Cricket Australia and the AFL.

She is familiar with the injuries that can affect young dancers and the developing bodies of young dancers. Isha provides foot care to people of all ages and has a keen interest in geriatric podiatry and the diabetic foot. She is approachable and loves meeting new people

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